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How To Get The Best Roses for Valentine's Day


For centuries, the rose has been considered a symbol for love and devotion. The red rose, with its velvet petals, is considered the best token of appreciation for one's beauty. Nowadays, there has been an increasing demand for a customized selection of roses for a variety of occasions. The floral industry is currently facing a drastic change in terms of trends. There has been a lot of hybrid varieties of roses popping up in the market lately in order to supply the increasing demand for roses with deeper colors, richer fragrances and longer shelf lives. These hybrid varieties still have the charm of their traditional counterparts, but are better in almost every way.


If you do not already know, a rose's color and quantity carry meaning and significance. Fresh long stem roses may be just as stunning as an entire bouquet of roses, but they carry a different meaning. The only thing that can make it an even better Valentine's Day gift is if you include a personalized message to it. You can never go wrong with a message that comes from the heart.


Different rose colors and breeds can be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, depending on your relationship with a person. For example, red valentine roses that are in full bloom may signify a more mature kind of love that is unconditional. On the other hand, a red rose that is still in its bud phase signifies a love at first sight kind of relationship. Below are just some of the meanings and significance of some rose colors when it comes to your relationships:


Red Roses - these roses signify deep romance and love. This is the best rose type to give your significant other on Valentine's Day, most especially if you feel deeply in love with him or her. Red roses can come in various forms and shades, depending on what you opt for.


Orange and Coral Roses - these roses signify a person's deep desire, enthusiasm and passion for their significant other. Orange and coral roses have been competing with the red roses in the floral market in terms of popularity because they are becoming great symbols of love as well.


Purple Roses - these roses signify love at first sight and deep enchantment. Purple roses are meant to symbolize the magical and spell binding feeling of being in love with somebody. Because of this, they have become increasingly popular in the floral market as well.


Black Roses - these roses are becoming super popular in the floral industry because of their very unique look. Some of the commercially available black roses are Black Magic and Black Baccara. Black roses are actually red roses but with super deep and rich hues that they look black in dim lighting.